Case Studies

google ads

We Increased Our Clients ROI to 15x their monthly spend with Google Ads PPC and helped him generate over $100k in revenue in just 1 month!

This client spent $6,532.33 in Google PPC ads and got back an incredible $100,716.67 in revenue.

And this wasn’t even their best performing month!

We got our client multiple page 1 Google rankings for keywords with search volumes between 49k - 165k monthly searches!


With Facebook PPC campaigns we got our client over 400+ leads in just 1 day!

The leads they received from Facebook also closed at over a 12% conversion rate (that means people paid money and became their customers) in just ONE DAY!

Furthermore, they would have had to pay between $50 – $85+ per lead using any other marketing channel including Google Ads or third party lead providers.

In a span of just 30 days, we generated over $873,892.04 in Sales with Amazon Sponsored Ads...

With 11,024 orders and 20x ROI…

That means they made 20 times there money back…And this wasn’t even their best performing month!

We got our client local page 1 rankings for multiple target keywords. He gets leads "daily" now because of our organic local SEO campaign!

Our Linkedin B2B outreach campaign got this client over 2100+ connections

This includes double digit follow-ups (calls & face to face meetings) from top level decision makers…

AND huge closed deals from companies like Goodyear and more!

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