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How to Remove Shopify Product Type from Main List

To remove a product type completely from the main list in Shopify, so that it is no longer an option for any product, you’ll need to ensure it is not assigned to any product. Shopify’s system automatically populates the product type list based on the product types assigned to products. There is no direct way to manually edit this list through the Shopify admin interface. Here’s how you can ensure a product type is completely removed from the list:

  1. Review All Products: Go to the “Products” section in your Shopify admin. Use the search or filter features to find all products that currently have the product type you want to remove. You might need to search using the specific product type name.
  2. Edit Each Product: For each product that has the unwanted product type, edit the product by clearing out the product type field as described earlier. Ensure no product is left with this product type.
  3. Save Changes: Make sure to save the changes for each product.

Once the product type is not assigned to any products, it will automatically disappear from the product type options in the dropdown menu. This change may not be immediate; it might require a short time to update across the system.

If you have a large number of products, this process can be time-consuming. In such cases, consider using bulk editing tools or exporting your products to a CSV file, editing the product type column, and re-importing the file. This method can streamline the process of removing the product type from multiple products at once.

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