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How to Advertise With SEO?

SEO Advertising

With so many business owners trying to find ways to get their names out there, many have turned to search engine optimization to do the job. There are a lot of SEO companies that can help your website get promoted, but it is important that you know what you want the promotion to be for. This article will provide a few tips on how SEO can help your company be seen in a positive light and get their name out there.

1) Blogging – One way for your company to advertise is by creating a blog page. Your blog should be updated regularly with new content or an interesting post about your industry or trade if possible. It also may be helpful to include other social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook on your site so customers can easily “Like” or “Tweet” about your products.

2) Backlinks – When customers write other websites about you, it is called backlinking. If someone were to write a blog or other site about what great customer service you provide that link should be put on your website here for others to see. This way many people that do their own research can see you when they Google your business.

3) Add To Business Listings – Adding to Google, Yelp and other business listing sites can help get your name out there. It is best if you have a consistent name for all of the listings too so customers know exactly where they are going before clicking on the link. For example, our company wants to get shown to users searching for NYC SEO. Therefore we would need to properly optimize our Google Business Listings page to make sure we show up for people in New York City searching for an SEO company.

4) Search Engine Submission – Although it is a free service, you would be surprised how many businesses don’t bother to submit their site to search engines. Not doing so leaves a lot of opportunities for customers that are not searching at the moment and miss your company’s website.

5) Change Your Title Tags – When you perform a search in the search bar of a major site, you will notice that some businesses have a title tag that reads “Sponsored Link” while others have a title tag that gives customers all the information they need before clicking on it. Make sure your company’s website is up to date with not only keywords but also with your page titles so you can get the desired customers coming to you website.

In conclusion, the above mentioned ways are just a few helpful tips on how to use search engine optimization to advertise online. If you follow the advise of this article, you may be able to see your company name pop up on many more webpages than before.