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Most businesses around the world have been increasingly allocating budgets towards professional Search Engine (Google) Optimization (SEO) services. 

However, we always suggest everyone understand what SEO actually is before jumping right into it.

For this, a person must know: What exactly are SEO services and What an SEO company like Profit Labs can do for you.

So, are you ready to learn the benefits of SEO for your company? if yes then keep on reading!

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Defining SEO Services

SEO services are basically services you get from an SEO agency that assists in achieving optimal search engines like google, optimization to stand out from your competition on google search results.

It increases your google search visibility or online presence of your business on famous and widely used search engines such as Bing and Google. Optimal search results are obtained by putting the focus of the results on the products, company, services, and industry you have to offer.

Let’s have a look at an example of SEO services.

For instance, if you own a bakery, you can use our SEO services to rank for searches like:

·     Custom bakery cookies
·     Wedding cakes from the bakery
·     Customized birthday bakery cakes

Our team of SEO experts have been trained in ensuring that anytime someone uses specific search phrases, it is your company that shows up at the top of search results.

However, it is important to note that doing SEO on your own can be tricky. Google, for example, relies on more than 200 factors when it considers the rankings of a site on its search results.

As a result, some with minimal knowledge of SEO won’t get you far unfortunately. And this is where we come in, experienced in professional SEO optimization working with a wide range of satisfied clients.

What are we offering? Search Engine Marketing (SEO)…

Our internet marketing company is focused on getting your website ranked on page 1 of the search result pages.

We aim to get you seen online, increase your website traffic and get you more customers to grow your business.


SEO services We Offer

Search engine algorithms have gone through numerous changes ever since they came into existence. These changes included updates and innovations, which made the whole process more refined, complicated, and a field to pursue on its own.

As a result, SEO companies started to originate with specialized SEO services in order to help companies achieve success in their relevant industries against competitors via search engines. Some of the most important specialized SEO services that we offer include:  

·     Local SEO
·     Ecommerce SEO
·     National SEO 

The traditional search engine optimization services that continue to exist today work for many companies. However, if you are in the local SEO, national SEO or e-commerce SEO business, you need to get the ecommerce , national and local SEO services by choosing from our SEO packages in order to stand out from the competition. 

8 things our Search Engine Optimization services include:

Now that you are familiar with SEO, what it means, and how it works, let’s have a look at some of the best services we have to offer.

Every SEO specialists and agency have their own way of working and use various techniques to offer effective SEO optimization service.

Some specialize in specific areas and lack behind on others. However, at Profit Labs, you get a full-fledged Search Engine Optimization package that ensures that you are covered on all avenues of SEO.



An SEO audit is expected and served by every Search Engine Optimization agency. The SEO Audit basically helps the SEO agency take a deep look at the current strategy of the business and its online presence.

This is true even in cases where businesses haven’t used an SEO campaign because the SEO agency always has to look at a business from an SEO perspective to understand where it stands and how it moves further with it.

There are a few free and paid SEO audit tools out there which one can use. However, understanding the information and data this tool provides can prove to be difficult.

Moreover, it can never be as useful as the feedback from an SEO expert who considers all the factors from a human point of view.

As a result, at Profit Labs, we have ensured that our expert SEO optimizers have been well trained in performing a full SEO Audit of any kind of business.

If you have been working with any agency that does not perform routine SEO Audits, then you are in the wrong hands. This simply means that your business still does not have the perfect SEO strategy and is suffering from major losses that are not even visible to you. As a result, it is better to move away from such organizations and work with someone who SEO professionals such as Profit Labs. 

We understand the importance of an SEO Audit in determining the online presence of the business. On our part, we have invested enough resources and money to have the right tools and people at hand to perform an effective SEO Audit for our clients.
We do not rely on any templates or on other people’s work. Every business is unique, and it is in the uniqueness that we find the road to perfect SEO optimization strategy for a business.


This is one of the most important services that we offer. Many businesses fall prey to the belief that given their niche industry, they might need a competitor analysis. But this is wrong. No matter how small or big, the niche is, a business always needs a competitor analysis to design the perfect SEO strategies.

This helps to win over clients and customers more quickly than anything else. Consider it an investment that surely pays of if you use the right strategies in the long term.

Our SEO competitor analysis focuses on not only the online businesses but also the offline businesses. As a result, with the results produced by the experts, together we can form a strategy to put you at an advantage against both offline and online competitors. This will be possible by playing on the weaknesses of your competitors made evident by the competitor analysis.

Moving on, it is also important that there are follow-ups on the initial competitor analysis. Leaving it at the first competitor analysis won’t bring much good if you do not carry out competitor analysis on a regular basis.

Remember, everyone wants to rank high when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. So, while you are trying to achieve high ranks, someone else is too.

Therefore, it is a must that you are always on top of your game by keeping a regular eye on what your competitor is up to. 

For example, at Profit Labs, we ensure that your competitors are analyzed every quarter, or even more frequently if your business or you yourself require.
However, quarterly competitor analysis works fine for most businesses. Our professional strategists are able to design strategies for our clients which not only help them rank high but also increase revenue significantly by attracting a greater part of the market.
We also understand the importance of social media and therefore do a competitor analysis for social media of competitors as well.


This is essential for each and every single business because all businesses are unique. Even if you are making the same products and services, there will be a uniqueness to your business that differs it from one of your competitors.

As a result, a custom SEO strategy can be regarded as the core component of SEO optimization for your business.

The most important benefit of having a custom SEO strategy for your business is that the return on investment is great from Search Engine Optimization as you get increased website traffic.

You will be receiving more orders, calls, and visits than usual. 

Therefore, if you have decided to make an investment in SEO, then make sure that the agency you hire offers the services of custom strategy.

Our professional team of agents has years of experience at hands to ensure that your business gets the most suitable custom strategy designed in order to reap bigger benefits.

Avoid going for SEO companies that use cookie-cutter or copy-pasted strategies based on templates. They are not unique to your business and can never achieve optimal SEO results.

Give us a chance to do what others can’t to your traffic.

Now, why should you use google analytics for your marketing game plan?

Google Analytics is one of the highly recommended digital analytics software. It is Google’s free web analytics service that permits you to analyze in-depth the aspect of the visitors to your website. It offers valuable insights that can benefit you in order to form the successful marketing strategy of your business.

The usual cookie-cutter approach to SEO does not get the maximum returns on your investment.

In fact, many businesses that use this strategy do not even appear on the first page of search engine results. This is extremely bad for the business as you may have noticed yourself that not many people go beyond the first page results.

Therefore, invest in the right search engine optimization company to get the best custom strategy designed for your business.



In addition to what is on the web page that matters in search engines like google, but external signals that are off-page matter as well.

Your on-page is what is on your site, whereas off-page is what’s on outside your site.

These off-page factors also need to be optimized timely as they influence the rankings of the website as well. For instance, your link building has an impact on your rank in search engine results.

Link building basically provides a reference to how much high quality and quantity of sites have been linked to your own site. Therefore, it is important that you have proper link building for your site with sites that are relevant to your industry.

Link building increases the rankings of your website on search engine results. Your social media is also included in this. Therefore make sure social media is well up to date and keep the link-building project alive.

As part of the SEO services we offer, we have the following off-page SEO services to offer to our clients:

·     Promotion of the content on your website to webmasters and bloggers
·     Developing content for your website that is shareable
·     Keeping a regular on how the content of your website is being shared by others
·     Optimization of your Google My Business profile. Google My Business is crucial as Google is the most famous search engine

It is vital that you ask the Search engine optimization agency you have chosen whether they offer off-page optimizations. If you do not, then this is a major missed opportunity.

And if you have planned on working with us, then you should already know link building is included with every SEO package we offer. Our SEO experts are at your disposal to help and guide you through off-page optimizations. 


While we have talked about the importance of off-page optimization, it only makes sense to think that on-page optimizations hold greater importance.

This is exactly true as on-page optimizations is a very crucial component of any SEO services provided by SEO companies.

With this service, the SEO companies mainly focus on the optimization of features and content that are on your website. The main target of on-page optimizations is to attract the attention of Google searches.

Here are some of the On-Page services we have to offer:
  • – Up to date meta descriptions, title tags, and h tags
    – Auditing of the information architecture of the website, internal linking structure, and redirects
    – Sitemap creation
    – Image optimization based on best practices
    – Website content optimization with all the relevant keyword research with good keyword rankings
  • – Analyzing the speed, design, and utility of your website

Since in most scenarios, on-page optimizations make up for the most vital component of SEO services, agencies who do not offer these are basically not providing SEO services.

On-page optimizations are the major component with which you also have to put a slight focus on all the other factors. If your on-page optimization is not good, then focusing on the other components won’t bring any good results.



A good service is a service that is transparent. If your search engine optimization company is not providing you weekly and monthly reports, then either they are not fully committed to you, or something fishy is going on.

You need to work with an SEO optimizer who you can trust. The SEO company should clearly put in front of you the monthly reports so that you know what’s going on with the SEO of your business. In this way, you also have the confidence and can voice your concerns if there are any. 

A weekly ranking performance report and monthly work report can help you get immediate insights into the results produced by your SEO strategy.

In this way, our SEO experts are able to quickly grasp where they lack behind. If there is a need for any changes, an immediate response SEO campaign is planned.

Moreover, it also shows what’s working for your specific business and what’s not. Situations in the world of SEO change almost every day. Therefore, it is vital to stay on top of the game at all times. 

Some things that your report may cover could include the conversion rate of the website, the organic search engine rankings, and site traffic.

But your SEO agency should not limit this service to a monthly report only. As part of our services, we also make sure to stay in regular contact with your dedicated account manager and digital marketing manager. In this way, we are able to work closely with your team and understand what they are looking for. 


SEO optimization is not a one-step process. it is a progressive and ongoing strategy that cannot be put at a standstill once done. It needs regular monitoring and updates accordingly.

This is why it is important that you are collaborating with your SEO company continuously, making it an extension of your business. This makes it important for the SEO company to offer progressive SEO optimization.

 Get the best progressive optimization SEO campaign started today.

Progressive optimization has lots of benefits. This service from an SEO agency means they will be optimizing your website on an ongoing basis.
This means that even if all the SEO requirements for your website have been met, the agency will continue to find loopholes or ways to enhance and improve your SEO strategy.
As a result, you are able to get the most potential and value of your SEO investment.

Make your SEO investment worth it by increasing traffic on your site.

If you have a dedicated account manager, they might be able to do additional targeted keyword research that might go with your services and products.

One single keyword research discovery does not mean it ends there. It opens ways for a lot more content, which can then be linked to webmasters and bloggers in the industry you are working in.

So, one should never think that the perfect SEO optimization for the website has been achieved because no matter how good it’s done, there is always room for keyword research. We believe in this, and we work with having this perspective in our heads.


Five Ways to Improve your Site’s Rankings (SEO)

Here are five tips that every business should use to improve their website’s SEO ranking. However, one thing to note here is that they are all general.

For each business, these five ways or techniques need to be narrowed down and assigned their relevance according to the industry, niche, and several other factors. This narrowing down can only be done by our team of SEO experts.


1.  Publish Relevant Content

This might sound generic and simple, and this is why it is always left unnoticed by many. We cannot emphasize the importance of having relevant content on your website.

Having high-quality content can be termed as the number one driver for your search engine results. To add to it, you cannot use any alternate factor or strategy to achieve the same results. This has to be done, and it has to be done well. So, it is time to fine-tune your writing skills or hire an SEO expert who can do it for you.

With relevant content marketing also comes keyword research because they have to be incorporated in writing. Therefore, every business should know how to carry out keyword research and what the specific keywords are for the products and services they are selling to optimize content marketing.
For this, one has to think like the reader and how they would make a search engine search.
If you think it is a bit difficult, which it is, then think about how easy it would for someone who has worked in SEO optimization for years.
At Profit Labs, we use the best tools and the most effective SEO experts to ensure that no important keywords are left behind. With us, you are in the safest hands in terms of keyword research.

It is also important to note that specific single keywords won’t do the whole trick either. The traditional method of SEO was to incorporate the main keywords in the text and senseless phrases just to have a higher ranking.

Those days are gone as search engines have evolved and innovated. Today, search engines can detect whether a website is actually fit to show for the results or is just spamming by simply throwing in the keywords everywhere.

Moreover, it is also not recommended to use multiple keywords on a single page as the search engines detect that too. You should have different web pages on your website in order to incorporate multiple keywords.

Another important factor is the placement of keyword phrases. Once you have decided which keyword phrases to go with, ask yourself the following questions:

1.    Is it possible to use all of the keyword phrase or a part of them in the URL of the page?
2.    Is it possible to use all of the keyword phrase or a part of them in the page title?
3.    Is it possible to use all of the keyword phrase or a part of them in the page subheadings and headings?

Having the answer to these questions can significantly help with improving your search engine ranking.

However, make sure you are user-friendly and as natural as possible while answering them. For instance, using the word “bakery” three times in the website URL is not natural, and similarly using it in every heading.

Your content must be filled with the main keywords. However, do not just go on writing the keyword again and again without the sentence making real sense.
People who use this technique fail terribly. Just make sure there is organic search incorporation of the vital keyword phrases several times throughout the page.
This can be in the opening and closing paragraphs once to twice and two to four times in the rest of the content. Applying bold and italics or highlights to the keywords is also beneficial.
However, make sure that you do not overdo it. It is also important that there should be no sacrifice to the quality of content on the website. this is because, in the end, the user has to read the content, so it needs to be of good quality to make an impact. 

Get our expert team of SEO writers for high-quality SEO optimized content for your site.

2.  Update Your Content Regularly

The second important way of improving your site SEO rankings is by keeping the content up to date. By this, it does not mean it should be updated once or twice a year. That is too less.

One has to put in more effort. Our SEO experts have learned over the years the importance and art of updating content on a regular basis. This is because search engines today attach a lot of importance to the content.

Updated content ensures that the search engine recognizes the site as relevant and does not give it a lower rank of being old and outdated. SEO Audit is an incredible way of getting an idea about what and how to update your content. 

3.  Metadata

The space between the <head> tags while designing a website is for metadata or, in simpler words information about the content on the page. Sometimes the tools people use generate metadata themselves.

However, in cases, they do not, or even when they do, it is always advisable to go over it once. In this way, you are able to figure out whether it is correct or not if it needs any improvements.

Moreover, like the rest of the content, the metadata also requires regular updates to stay relevant and be useful. 

If you do not know how to differentiate between good metadata and bad metadata, then worry not!

Our SEO experts can handle all of this for you.

The most important metadata on the page is the title metadata. It is the title metadata that ensures that the titles of the page are displayed at the top of the browser window.

This is also visible as the headline when the search engine shows results. Our expert SEO optimizers know exactly the right type of title metadata, thanks to the years of experience at hand.

While talking about metadata, we cannot overlook description metadata for google. This is the textual description that can be used by a browser in your page search return.

You can think of it as a sneak peek or a trailer to your website. it describes what the user will see when they enter the website. There it needs to be appealing, catchy, and most importantly, it needs to have the right keywords within to rank high on the search engine; for instance, google results.

The length of the meta description is normally two full sentences. However, it is important to note that meta descriptions are not always used by search engines for rankings, but they are still important and should be good and updated.

The last important component of metadata is keyword metadata. This is not of much use to the search engine to rank the website. However, since you already know your keyword phrases so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to fill them in your keyword metadata.
This is what we do at profit Labs as we believe in not leaving anything while optimizing a businesses’ SEO. In this way, we can always assure effective results for all our clients.

Want to be in safe hands? Get your SEO optimized by us.

Begin the journey today.

4.  Have a link-worthy site

The fourth track to improving the SEO of a website is to have a link-worthy website. We have mentioned before how backlinks are important to have a higher SEO rank.

However, there should be attention and effort towards incorporating the backlinks in a way that you do not bore the reader while making your site link-worthy.

For instance, do not add click here links. Instead, use the name of the destination you are referring to. For example if we are targeting companies looking for seo services in new york, we will want to create a page specific to NYC businesses. One which engages the user and excites them more about what is to come next.

The trick is to use descriptive keywords because they are beneficial in all different ways, including adding links and making the read a worthy one for the reader. 


5.  Use alt tags

The last and not the least important technique is to use alt tags. Alt tags are used to describe the media you put on your website, including videos and audio as well as pictures.

It is also often referred to as alternative text descriptions. They perform a major role in helping the search engine locate your page, which by now is extremely important. It is even better for search engines that use text-only browsers or screen readers.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the best practices small businesses can use for business growth. You should be expecting your SEO team to have a digital marketing strategy in place in order to keep your products or services loaded with traffic.

An online marketing strategy includes optimization of all your digital marketing media. The online marketing strategies in place should be robust and must be in coherence with the rest of the SEO strategies put in place by the SEO team.

We not only excel in digital marketing but also have content creation skills for marketing to stand out from the rest. As your internet marketing agency, we take it upon us to work for you as if it is our own business.

To get the best SEO for digital marketing for your site, get marking strategies from the best marketing agency team.

Choosing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company

Hiring an affordable search engine optimization company is a decision almost every business makes at some point during the journey. We always advise businesses to always make this decision earlier so that they can stay on top from the beginning.

The perfect time to hire an SEO company is while you are working on your web design or redesign. In this way, you and your SEO agent can make work in harmony in making the new web design most suitable for the type of SEO strategy to be put in place.

There are some things that you must be doing while choosing the SEO company you want to work with. Communicate and interview your potential SEO company. Here is a list of some noteworthy questions you should be asking them:

1.    Ask them for examples of the work they have already done and learn about their success stories

2.    Ask whether they abide by the Google Webmaster Guidelines

3.    Ask about the social media marketing services they have to offer alongside the internet marketing services

4.    Ask them their definition of success and how they measure it. Also, make sure what SEO campaign they have planned for your specific business to see if they are actually interested in the work you do

5.    Learn about their experience in the industry and the clients they have worked with

6.    Learn about the experience they have in the city or country you work in

7.    Ask if they have had any experience working with international clients

8.    Ask them about the most important SEO techniques they have been using with previous customers

9.    Ask them about their experience and how they have improved over the years for customers

10. Ask them how they plan on staying in touch and communicate with you. You should know whether they will be sharing any changes they decide to make with your website. Moreover, you should also know whether they will walk you through every step of the process and provide you with fair convincing reasoning every time they decide to move further with a decision

These are some important questions that you must be asking the potential SEO company. However, to know whether the SEO company is actually interested in you and the work you do, look for the following questions when it is their time to ask:

1.    What is the value and uniqueness your business is offering to clients or customers?

2.    What do you know about your customers or clients or customers?

3.    How are you generating money, and how search results can help with it?

4.    Are you using any other advertising channels?

5.    Are you aware and informed about your competitors? 

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that, once you have been through the questions, check for other factors for reliability, such as exiting online ratings.

You can also ask the SEO company to do a short search audit and see what changes they recommended you make to your website and why.

Then comes the final decision, where you decide whether you want to hire the company or not. But make sure that once you have made the decision of working with an SEO company after a thorough review, you implement the changes they recommend and follow the path they want you to be on.

All of this while making sure you completely understand what the company is doing, or if you can’t, then you at least know what’s going to happen as a result of a strategy in place. In this way, you will have something to hold the company accountable, i.e., their own word.

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