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What’s the Difference Between High-Quality And Low-Quality Links?

New York SEO Ranking

SEO professionals spend a lot of time building links because it is a powerful way to improve SEO ranking. However, it is essential to know that not every link is built equal. Here you will learn what a high-quality link is and how it is different than a low-quality link.

The Most Valuable Aspects of a Link

Google and other search engines use links like votes. Getting a link from a high authority website will have more significance compared to a less popular website. 

Authority: Getting backlinks from an authoritative web page is a strong signal that the target website is also an authoritative source. Google checks the backlinks of a website to determine its credibility and proficiency in a specific subject. For instance, an authoritative fitness website links to a less popular site about health and fitness. The authoritative fitness website is confident about the less popular site’s content, and that’s why it wants to send visitors there. It’s an excellent way for search engines like Google to understand a website’s authority on a particular subject.

Relevance: Authority is not everything when it comes to determining the quality of a backlink. Think of it in this way…you have visited a new city for the first time. So, who would you call for cafe references – a tour guide from another town or a friend who lives in that city? Your tour guide might have more knowledge about cafes but not in your city. On the other hand, your friend who lives in that city will be a more relevant information source about cafes. Just like that, Google will value your website more if it gets links from an authoritative website of your industry.

1. Low-Quality Links

Low-quality links are easy to get, but they are neither authoritative nor relevant. They are mainly self-created or requested links, and they don’t influence the search engine in a significant way. Low-quality links are generally useless or might have little impact on your search ranking. Due to this reason, any expert New York SEO company never focuses on building low-quality links. 

2. High-Quality Links

High-quality links are like the Holy Grail of link building because they are hard to create. A high-quality link is highly relevant and unique. It can significantly improve your SEO ranking and bring a lot of traffic to your website. While hiring an SEO company in New York or other cities, you have to ensure that they will build high-quality links for your website. 

3. Medium Quality Links

Almost every industry has a proliferation of blogs managed by organizations or individuals who want to build a solid authoritative profile by sharing their expertise. Niche blogs like these might not have authority-metric boosting backlinks, but they are full of high-quality industry-specific content. Getting featured by a blog site like this can be an excellent reinforcement of your authority and relevance. Medium quality links are either:

  1. High relevancy but low authority
  2. or medium authority and relevancy

Conclusion : A comprehensive link profile is good for search engine optimization. You have to know the art of building high-quality links if you want to improve your New York SEO ranking. So never waste your time in building easy links on low-quality and irrelevant sites.

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