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What is The Basic Criteria for SEO Ranking?

There are many basic criteria for SEO ranking. One of the most important is the content quality. The better the content, the higher it will be ranked. In addition, keywords and backlinks are also important factors in determining SEO ranking.

Keywords should be used to attract readers’ attention. Backlinks are important because they help build credibility. The more the backlinks, the better your site will rank in search engines like Google.

If your goal is to get seen on more local searches then you can choose a specific city where your website is located and then mention that city multiple times in your content. As an example we try to rank for New York City SEO because we want people in the new york city area to find us when looking for SEO services.

In general, keywords should be used between 3 to 5 times. Although this heavily depends on the keyword you are trying to rank and competition. For written content, use keywords in the beginning of the first sentence, next to the topic sentences, and at least once on every page. This will help attract readers’ attention.

Keywords should be bolded, italicized or underlined if they are not part of your articles.

Do not paste more than 50 KB of content from other sites on your website. This may be classified as duplicate content. Although if copying content always make sure to leave a citation. And of course always add relevant content when you’re using external sources.

For inbound and outbound links, use a mix of exact, phrase and generic keywords to link back to your website.

To sum up, many factors affect SEO ranking such as basic criteria that include keywords and backlinks, content quality and overall topical relevance.