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Profit Labs is Proud to Be a Top SEO Company in New York! 

Search Engine Optimization

In our increasingly digitized world, it’s no wonder that around 70 000 online searches are made every second. The billions of online users worldwide are an opportunity for businesses to extend their online presence to a broader customer base, including through investing in a strong SEO strategy.

At Profit LabsTM,  we’ve seen how effective digital marketing strategies can lead to increased revenue and other tangible results for businesses of all sizes. With our 16 years of experience, our ROI-driven and profit-focused approach, and our commitment to using the latest technologies, our team is ready to help you tackle your company’s marketing challenges. From SEO to social media optimization, from PPC to WordPress design, you can count on us to help you launch the successful marketing campaign that your company needs. 

In fact, we’re even listed on The Manifest as a top SEO company in New York! The Manifest is a website that produces business news and how-to guides and highlights leading companies by releasing company listings across various industries. 

We’ve also recently partnered with The Manifest’s sister site, Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform. We’re excited to announce our first review on Clutch—a five-star review from one of our happy clients!

Our client is an e-commerce business that sells mobility products to seniors. They were looking to increase their ROI and enlisted our services in SEO and PPC. We helped with their digital strategy, keywords, and Google Shopping feed. 

Our efforts yielded exceptional results for our client that exceeded their expectations, boosting their sales from an 8x to a 14x ROI. We further impressed our client with our responsiveness, proactiveness in testing out new approaches, and incredible customer service. We’re excited to continue working with our valued client as we cultivate our ongoing partnership. 


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