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The Comprehensive Checklist for Optimizing Internal Links

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Online marketers need to pay special attention to internal link optimization. Here’s an easy guide to get started with it.

  1. Fix the Broken Internal Links of Your Website

Many SEO executives focus on building new links before fixing the broken internal links of their website. It is a wrong SEO practice that can significantly harm your site’s SEO performance. Thus, every experienced New York SEO company audits the internal links first before creating new links. It is an easy yet effective tactic that can boost the overall SEO performance of your website.

2. Fixing Click Depth

Your potential customers might have to make a lot of clicks to visit their required product page. It is a common problem with massive niche-product retailers that can drastically harm your conversion rate. You have to ensure that your potential customers can reach their desired product page within just three clicks after landing on your home page. It is essential to ensure that your website’s most critical pages (top categories and products) are easily accessible. You can quickly boost your conversion rate by shortening the route to encounter.

3. Double the PA

A page with plenty of links reduces each one’s ability to pass link juice and PageRank. However, you can easily double every page’s authority by removing the unnecessary links from the target page. Adding to muck links in a single page can also confuse your users. So, consider eliminating those links that don’t serve your purpose in the immediate term.

4. Take Breadcrumbs Seriously

Breadcrumbs are those links that help users to understand where they are on a specific website. It also allows them to know how far they are from the homepage. It is the easiest yet the most overlooked place on a website where you can place your link. It will help your users to connect between various categories of a site. You can help your visitors to navigate your website effortlessly by taking full advantage of breadcrumbs.

5. Create an Organized Map for Your Links

Creating an organized link map is an excellent way to identify over-linked, under-linked, and orphan pages of your website. You can make the link family on a Google sheet. Every page of your map must have a column of the primary link family.

6. Focus on Designate Links While Publishing Content

Each of your new posts should have designated links redirecting to meaningful and relevant pages. Never publish a page without linking a family of pages with it.

7. Internal Link Building Automation

Building hundreds or thousands of links can take a lot of time. Every expert NYC SEO expert automates the internal link-building process by using the CMS functions or writing customized scripts. By using most of the automation, you can build more links in less time.

Internal links are powerful SEO tools that can boost the search engine ranking of your website. You can also hire an experienced digital marketing agency for this job. Expert SEO agencies will create goal-oriented strategies to optimize your internal links in a better way.

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