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Reasons You Should Use Visual Google Ads PPC Reports

ProfitLabs_Blog Image - Reasons You Should Use Visual Google Ads PPC Reports

PPC Reports are performance review reports – they show marketers and brands how the PPC campaigns have performed, giving reasons and explanations about the performance. With PPC reports, the entire campaign becomes measurable and trackable which helps brands and marketers assess if the goals have been met effectively or not.

The Google Ads Report Editor helps visualize these reports optimally. Data visualization in the form of customized graphs and charts is a feature that is a big aid in decision-making and problem-solving. 

Why Visual Google Ads PPC reports are effective? The reasons have been explained here with the help of a few reports that assist with better business decisions.

  1. Search Term Volume Over Time – the report helps marketers with Keyword search volume. Over a set period or timeframe, the volume is averaged so that people who are driving the campaign can understand if the keyword is competitive enough and the volume of traffic that it has been able to drive over the specified period. This PPC report helps marketers streamline and shortlist meaningfully target keywords that have real search volume.
  2. Impression Share – is another viable Google Ads PPC report called Impression Share. This visual report indicates the impression share. This report is of the essence if your site has been constantly at top-ranking positions on Google search result pages. The Impression share is reported device-wise. The index is calculated using the formula – the number of impressions received divided by the impressions that your site was estimated to receive.
  3. Click Type Breakdown – report drills down the different types of clicks, about your PPC campaign. This necessarily means that marketers can see the performance of brand ads on different parameters or stats like clicks, impressions, cost, CTR, Average CPC, Average POS, Conversions and visits.
  4. Cost and Region-wise Performance – the report allows users to ascertain how their campaigns have performed over different Google Ads geographical segments. Marketers can use this report to understand the source of sales or the region from where the sales are being regenerated. 
  5. Exact Match Impression Share (EMIS) – It is the number of times, mentioned in percentage, when the user search and keywords match up with exact precision. This helps marketers understand and comprehend if they are bidding on the exact match keywords. If the match is a hundred percent, then the EMIS score shows up as 100%.
  6. Click Type By Device – the report provides an evaluation on the click on the ad extensions, by the device. The benefit of this report is that it enables marketers to see if the mobile and smart devices are being used by people who have the habit of searching using their mobile devices, on the go. 
  7. Performance By Hour of Day and Day of Week – the name suggests, this report allows marketer deeper insight into how ads are behaving by the hour and the day of the week. Marketers can then reset the bid multipliers and adjust the weekly and daily schedule of ads.


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