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PPC Trends for 2020 that are Set to Change the Digital Marketing Industry

PPC trends for 2020 that are set to change the digital marketing industry

The digital marketing industry is making headways, with each passing day and year. Paid advertising on the digital medium is also evolving with new developments and announcements happening every other day. So, what are the trends in the PPC domain that brands, and marketers should readily embrace in 2020? Here are few of the hottest trends that you must align with, in this year for growth, success and higher ROIs.

Comprehensive Automation Across All Levels

2020 is being hailed as the year when PPC advertising is all set to go onto the next level with end-to-end automation and extensive use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The industry of process automation is expected to touch 83.2% by next year. This is because automation as a process mechanism is going to play a much stronger role in 2020. Digital marketers can now use statistical tools and move away from manual techniques for identification of optimized ads, strategize the best bids, keep generating ads dynamically based on user behavior and reduce the risk of losing high-performance ads.

Maximize use of Artificial Intelligence

Many industrial verticals are using AI to get rid of tasks that are repetitive in nature. Marketers can now use the same philosophy and technique for optimizing their PPC campaigns. AI can be perfectly blended with digital marketing plans for detection of bids that are able to pull in higher volumes of traffic, identification of conversion probabilities based on historical data, identify optimized keywords, and successfully predict the CTR of upcoming ads and more.

Amazon ads

Google ads and Facebook ads have proven their dominance. But there is another advertiser that is fast making its presence felt and that is Amazon Ads. In 2020, this platform is going to become the choice of marketing connoisseurs. Why? Because, while Google and Facebook are great platforms for promotion and publicity; it is Amazon that means business. This is where potential buyers are increasingly coming to look for products – these are the buyers who are all set to make a purchase. Hence, targeting such buyers via Amazon ads will help increase conversions and revenues significantly.

Voice-based searches for ads

Marketers will need to take cognizance of the power of voice searches in 2020.  In the next two years voice-based ecommerce sales are expected to touch $40 billion. Hence, brands need to initiate and tune their PPC Campaigns for voice searches this year. This means that your voice-based PPC campaigns are acclimatized for mobile devices, focused on natural and conversational language by using long-tail keywords and formatted for question-oriented searches with campaign bids on the ‘When’ and the ‘Where’ questions.

PPC and VR is going to become the next big thing

Virtual Reality is a reality now. In 2020, marketers will use VR for activation of PPC ads and for understanding users’ visual analytics so that they are able to give the user the experience of using the product virtually before they buy it. VR ads can be targeted at the millennial crowd as this is the niche that this demographic group uses the most.

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