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  • 08 August

    How to Multiply Your Traffic With Simple Headline Tweaks

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    Have you been putting content out there into the internet universe with virtually ZERO results?

    You’re not alone. Every day I see articles, social posts, and tweets posted with useless headlines that do not inspire curiosity, address a problem or provide a solution.

    The inspiration for this very article came from browsing through my Linkedin group conversations and realizing that I had absolutely no interest in clicking on a single conversation after 30 minutes.

    Why? Because the headlines did not inspire me to click. Not one person addressed my problems or concerns, nor did they inspire enough curiosity for me to click through.

    So here are some easy pointers for getting people to actually to click and read:



    How I turned a $200 PPC campaign into $10k profit lead generating machine in less than 7 days

    This One little trick helped my client save over $200k in annual energy costs.

    5 Ways to connect with journalists that will 10x your sales

    This simple analytics software helped my client cut $50k in wasteful expenses in 23 days.


    Pain: The IRS is hounding you to pay your back taxes, but you have no money

    Pain: Your tooth is killing you, but you hate your dentist

    Pain: Competitors stealing your best employees

    Pain: Your marketing manager sucks and is wasting your money

    Pain: You want a new house, but your credit score is horrible


    Solution: Hire a professional tax attorney to set up an affordable payment plan

    Solution: Highly rated dentist in your area that is friendly and guarantees quality work

    Solution: Staffing agency who consults clients on how to keep their workforce engaged and happy

    Solution: Outsource your marketing to a more affordable and highly reputable company that has to prove itself with results to keep your business.

    Solution: Fix your credit with a professional credit repair company that has helped thousands of clients boost their credit score’s over 740.

    Hopefully these suggestions give you a better understanding of how to structure your posts, articles and online content to improve your click through’s and overall engagement.

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    We will put together a custom game plan according to your budget and requirements to help grow you business.

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