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How We Got 308 Keywords Ranking #1 in Google Search With Ecommerce SEO

seo case study

If you own an ecommerce store and you’re currently struggling to get more website traffic and sales… stick around for a few seconds.

I’m going to share with you how we got one of our ecommerce clients ranking #1 in Google for 308 different keywords alone.

And i’m not talking about some 7 or 8 word long sentence type of keywords….

I’m talking about buyer intent product terms actual shoppers are searching for, and yes, actually buying stuff when they visit the website and find what they’re looking for.

My name is Ron Tsantker and i’m the CEO and Founder of Profit Labs. We’re an SEO agency based in New York.

After speaking with hundreds of business owners over the years, i find that many of them simply don’t know what to expect from an SEO campaign.

And i don’t blame them.

  1. Business owners are not SEO experts. Nor should they be. That’s why they outsource SEO to professionals.
  2. They rely on the SEO provider to tell them whether things are going good or not.

The problem with that is SEO providers want to keep your business.

So they tend to give you the information you want to hear most of the time. Or maybe give you only the positive aspects of the SEO campaign while keeping the negative points silent.

Again, i’m not hear to trash talk anyone. But i think alot of business owners out there simply need a little education on what a successful SEO campaign really looks like.

This way the knowledge gap between SEO providers and owners doesn’t have to be so large.

So lets get to it and have a look at one of our ecommerce clients who has been doing seo for close to 2 years with us now.

By the way, if you own an ecommerce store and are looking to work with an awesome SEO agency, consider Profit Labs SEO services.

The first thing i want you to see is how over the time the number of new keywords indexed in Google has continued to increase over time.

This is one of the hall marks of a good SEO campaign. As you continue with your onpage and offpage optimization, you should be building authority momentum at the same time.

When Google starts considering you as an authority in a given niche, they reward you with more placements in their search engine.

In this graph you are seeing a steady rise in keywords being indexed in the google search engine which in turn is giving our client more traffic and of course more sales.

This by the way is an ecommerce store selling furniture online. Specifically they are focusing their SEO efforts on herman miller aeron office chairs and a few other brands.

So before we get into the specific keyword rankings…. lets have a look at a few more interesting things.

If we look at only the keywords ranking in the top 10… you can see again that since they started SEO in 2019, there has been an exponential growth month over month.

So not only have new keywords been added to search engines each month, the amount of new keywords entering the top 10 ranking increased at the same time as well.

Lets look at the top 3 rankings…

Once again you see an incremental growth month over month in top 3 rankings as well.

So what’s different here?

Well most of the time SEO agencies will have you focus on a few specific keywords they are targeting and their positions in search.

Whereas what i am doing is giving you the full scope of how all keywords across the board are affected by our SEO campaign.

I get a good chuckle from people when i hear them say “i am ranking #1 for this keyword!”

Try ranking #1 for hundreds of keywords. That’s when you really see a significant impact in traffic and revenue for your business.

So lets have a look at specific keyword rankings.

I am only going posting a fraction of the #1 ranking keywords for this client because honestly the screenshot would take up the entire article if posted all the top rankings.

But this table below should give you a great idea of what it looks like when your SEO is kicking ass.

Also note the SEMrush keyword difficulty score column.

Almost every keyword ranking #1 has a difficulty score above 60%. some keywords are as high as 82%.

In total i can tell you this client has 308 number 1 keyword positions alone!

If you’re actively looking to hire a reliable SEO company to manage your search engine optimization campaigns…

Consider Profit Labs as your SEO provider.

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