How to Choose the Best Facebook Ad Types for Your Brand?

Facebook is a powerful social media platform. It all started in 2004 and in a span of 16 years; today, there are about 2.45 billion monthly users of Facebook of which 1.62 billion users access the social media platform every day. And, 94% Facebook Ad revenues are from mobile handsets and only 6% from desktop. There are different types of Facebook ads that brands and marketers can choose from in 2020.

Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a range of ad types for brands to choose from. Here is a brief summary of each type:

  1. Image Ads – are best used to create awareness about a brand or announce a product or service launch. The ad consists of an impressive photo with an ad copy.
  2. Event Ads – specifically talk about an event and is made for generating awareness and interest in the target audience.
  3. Offer Ads – these are ads that are specifically created and designed to augment online sales. The ad copy is majorly focussed on highlighting discounts and special offers so that the target market is aware of the deal and act on it.
  4. Lead generation ads – this type of ad is majorly focussed on collecting information from the target customers, which can then be used by the brand as leads.
  5. Canvas ads – these are ads that are optimized for smart devices like mobiles.
  6. Video Ads – this ad copy contains a video that is meant for engaging users – existing and potential customers.
  7. Carousel Ads – are typically used by brands to narrate their brand story. This type of ad is made up of 10 images or videos.
  8. Slideshow ads – are formed using a number of images that are presented as a slideshow.
  9. Collection ads – are typically used for speaking about a specific product or service in detail. When customers click on these ads they are able to gather more information about a specific product.

Now that we know the different types of Facebook ads, how to decide which one is the best one for your advertising campaign.

In order to determine the right Facebook ad, marketers need to:

  • Determine the end goal of the campaign.
  • Understand and choose the audience that the ad campaign will target.

Based on this data, marketers will be able to choose the right Facebook ad type and work on the ad copy. For example, if a brand wants to promote offers and discounts on a product line on Facebook, it should choose the offer ads category because Facebook offers tools to design and create the ad accordingly.

If marketers are looking at creating stronger connections and engagements with their audience, they should be looking at creating grasping video ad content as it works best in this genre. However, if a company does not have a strong creative team, it may consider going in for the image ads or the carousel ads of targeting purpose.

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