Google May 2020 Core SEO Update: Winners and Losers

Google released a new Core SEO update on May 4 2020.

The initial incoming data suggests:

  • This is a broad updated affecting many categories
  • This is strong – influencing far reaching SERPS and Ranking
  • It is not finished – This update may continue for weeks.

According to the SERP Winners seem to be:

courtesy of SEMRush

News sites being the big winners.

(This may be a good time for press releases)

SERP Losers

While the biggest losers seem to be offline entertainment industry and any related websites…

This update had far reaching SERP implications for almost every category.

courtesy of SEMRush

The biggest news coming out of this update is the fact that Linkedin was completed dropped from search results!

Although this seems to have nothing to do with core update and was some kind of a “glitch”

Linkedin seemed to have blocked themselves on accident from showing on Google.

What Now?

To combat the effects of the latest May 20202 Google Core SEO update we released a May 2020 SEO package for:

  • Websites who have lost ranking and looking to regain SERP positions
  • Websites looking to avoid any fallout from the new update
  • Websites looking to start SEO from scratch and begin climbing the ranks.

You can view the details of the package here.

We will go ahead and update this article as more information comes out.

For now keep a close eye on your rankings and make sure to take effective measures to counteract the effects of the latest May 2020 Core SEO Update

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