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What Is Google Local Knowledge Panel And How Future Ads Here Can Help Your Business

Google Local SEO

Google continues to work on its platform to generate meaningful value for business owners.

This includes the Google Local Knowledge Panel, which is designed to maximize ads and help businesses grow. It is essential to take a look at this aspect of Google to determine what it has to offer and how it can help your bottom line moving forward.

Google Local Knowledge Panel

This read is going to analyze the details of the panel.

What Is the Knowledge Panel?

The knowledge panel is situated to the right side of search results when something is typed in.

For example, if one were to go ahead and type in “Apple” in the search engine, the company would pop up on the right side. It has a boatload of information that is useful and can add value to a reader’s interaction with the search engine.

Sticking to the Apple example, they have exciting tidbits listed right there in the knowledge panel.

This includes:

1) Stock Price (Current)
2) Type of Company
3) Technical Support #
4) Headquarters
5) Founder(s)
6) Sales #

These are essential facts the average person may want to find out about, and all of it is laid out in an easy to read manner. This knowledge panel is key and makes it easier to sell people on the merits of the business.

Benefits of the Google Local Knowledge Panel

1) Accessible Information

It starts with knowing the information is accessible.

Readers want to have things easy, and this is one of the benefits of the knowledge panel. It lists out essential information in one spot for a person to dig through and make the most of.

2) Fully Customized

Everything is customized, and that is what makes it great for businesses.

Put up the right information so customers can take a look and act as soon as possible.

3) Increases Engagement

Leads will take a look at the knowledge panel and recognize what the business has to offer. This is far more important than any other marketing tool one may have up their sleeve.

The reason is simple; it is hard to get people to understand what a business has to offer. This is half the battle and most never get to the stage where they can convey this information correctly.


The knowledge panel is trusted and something most readers will take a look at as they’re scrolling through. This makes it easier to sell them on the business and its products/services.

Moving forward, Google’s Local Knowledge Panel is going to become a powerhouse marketing solution. It is going to generate a lot of attention and businesses who are getting on top of things immediately will notice the best results. There is nothing more important than letting potential customers know more about the business, and it starts here.

If they’re taking the time to go through search results about your business, why not give them more information to make it an easier decision? This is what Google is aiming to do for local businesses.

It is a great way to optimize the process and increase user engagement.


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