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E-Commerce PPC in 2020: Platform Updates, New Features, and Must-Try Tactics

E-Commerce PPC in 2020

As eCommerce continues to grow bigger with each passing year, it is time that eCommerce platforms innovate for enhanced digital advertising to achieve better results. While increased automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will continue to grow with more speed and fervor in 2020, you may need to indulge in smart eCommerce digital marketing strategies to be able to maximize your returns.

These are three distinct areas that eCommerce brands need to focus on:

  1. PPC Automation
    There is a vast choice of automated technology to choose from, but some of the important tasks that automation can help eCommerce brands are:
    a. Managing Bids – using the right set of keywords involves consistent adjustments. Manual adjustments are just not going to give the desired results anymore. What you need is the option to go in for automated smart bidding tools that you can choose from five strategies – maximizing clicks, target impression share, maximize conversions, Target CPA and Target ROAS. Machine learning technology optimizes analysis of real-time data and factors like operating system, language, time of day, and other such factors to optimize bids to help you meet your e-business goals.
    b. Automation also helps with the creation of quick and effective ad copies for your large inventories. How this works? There are several smart automated functionalities that you can use to fine-tune your ad content and creative to attract maximum shoppers. From maximizing the use of ‘IF Functions’ to use of scripts from Google sheets and the use of Dynamic Search Ads, there are lot of options for eCommerce businesses to choose from.
    c. Use of automation and artificial intelligence also helps PPC managers and brands to monitor campaigns and accounts on a 24-hour basis and stop or pause campaigns where issues are detected. This is a big bonus because manual monitoring and detection of issues was next to impossible, on a round-the-clock basis.
    d. Automation in PPC is going to help eCommerce businesses with fast and optimization of PPF performance forecast in 2020. This is an important aspect of PPC because marketers and brands set aside budgets for digital ad campaigns based on forecasted figures.
  2. Growing importance of Gallery Ads and Discovery Ads
    Discovery Ads feature was rolled out by Google in 2019. In 2020, the relevance is going to grow significantly with the intent-based ads reaching out to more and more online shoppers and searchers. These ads are prepared based on information from users’ recent activity online. Gallery ads on the other hand, are captivating image-ads that are scrollable that includes a collection of few images and videos. Use of these compelling ads is going to invariably help the eCommerce platform reach shoppers faster and effectively vis-à-vis social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Role of the Facebook Business Manager
    This is a smart tool that allows advertisers to optimally accomplish their social media marketing activities from a single place. The use of this tool is going to be the talk of the town in 2020 for it helps to create, manage and track ads on multiple social media platforms, and puts the ownership of all online assets in the hands of the eCommerce entity.
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