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Discover How to Create Powerful SEO Backlinks

Discover how to create powerful SEO backlinks

Google and other search engines value backlinks a lot because for the algorithms it is like a vote bank – a stamp of approval or a sign of credibility by other websites. Higher the number of backlinks or inbound links on your website and individual webpages, your site is viewed as credible; thereby the chances of the site being ranked high by the crawler on the search engine result page (SERP) is also better.

When another website mentions your website link on its page, it is a backlink for your site. Here we share a few upbeat strategies to create powerful backlinks to your website. Google considers backlinks as one of the top three ranking factors for a site.

  1. The first step should be to create a blog post or any other piece of content that is worth linking to. When the content created is something that is out of the ordinary or also called skyscraper content – something that is distinct and exclusive, you will be able to generate interest amongst other content publishers and site owners to feature your link on their page.
  2. Report broken links on a site to the website owner or the webmaster. While they will be grateful to you forever for the gesture, you can tell them about your site or post and suggest replacing the same broken link with the link of your content. This is also called the broken link building method.
  3. Use free tools like Help A Reporter Out (HARO). This is a tool that helps build backlinks especially if you are dealing in new sites and news-related blogs. In the world of digital journalism, this tool helps connect you with leading and trustworthy news bloggers to create high-quality backlinks. For this, you would need to register as a source, select a topic on which you wish to contribute, and then send a brief to the blogger.
  4. This method is a proactive method of reaching out to sites that are still linking to sites or pages that have closed down or feature outdated information. The first task is to find such websites or online blogs that are closed or have rebranded. Next, find sites that are still linking back to these websites. Next, enter the scene. Write to the webmasters of the sites that the links that they are using contain information that is redundant or that the site has closed down and that you can offer your content on the same topic to link back to. This method of link building is similar to the broken-link building method.
  5. Guest Blogging is another recommended way to build valuable backlinks. It is still alive and kicking. You can choose popular sites where you can get your content published. Not only do you get the chance to present your content to a newer market, but they also make your online presence steadier and more credible. You also get the chance to get valuable backlinks to your website. You need to be, however, choosy about the sites that you choose to guest blog.
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