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Best SEO Chrome Extensions You can Utilize In 2020

Best Chrome Extensions in SEO You can Utilize For 2020

Google Chrome is one of the most frequently used browsers globally today. Statistics report that Google Chrome for Android has 32.2% of the market share in the browser industry today. Besides being fast and secure, the reason why Chrome is most widely used by internet users is that it is easy to synchronize Chrome across all devices and offer better browsing access and experience. Marketers and SEO experts like to use this browser because it offers tools called Chrome extensions that are free software programs from Google that can be downloaded by them for helping them with analytics and understanding the performance of their site.

Google Chrome extensions are free and can be downloaded from the Google Web Store.

Some of the Best Chrome Extensions for SEO in 2020 are:

  1. The SEO Inspector – this is one of the most valuable free SEO extensions provided by Google. For SEO experts, any kind of automated information on Metadata is useful. This does exactly that. It helps the developer or the marketer in a quick assessment of the Meta Data of each webpage and can also be customized to display warning signals if the webpage Metadata are not performing as desired.
  2. Web Developer – this tool is actually for the human namesake. And it is one of the most used too with over a million users. The free extension was developed by Chris Pedrick. It is a toolbar in the context of images, forms, information, miscellaneous, Outline, Resize, Tools, and options. It also helps the developer view the webpage without using CSS or JavaScript.  
  3. Wayback – this extension identifies dead pages and also helps get to the archived page copy of the same. Instead of going about manually detecting 404 Pages, one can use this automated feature to check up an archived page. Using the archived contents, developers and internet marketers can understand why the page is behaving the way it is.
  4. Wappalyzer – is the perfect tool to understand the technical features of the page or the site. The extension can tell the SEO in one glance, details about the content management system, JavaScript Libraries, the web servers, database, important analytics being used, Tag Manager, SEO and more.
  5. SERP counter – this extension adds a SERP counter just beside the search results on the result page. This tool is a great help when the ranking of the page is going down or not performing as expected.
  6. Check My Links – is a simple extension that can search for all the links or backlinks featured on the webpage and highlight the same. It becomes easy for the SEO to assess if the redirects are in order or not, whether there are invalid or broken links and more.
  7. NoFollow Referrer – This extension will tell the SEO if the indexing on the links is working properly or not. It will point out the NoFollow link that is meant to tell the crawler not to follow the link as well as the do-follow links, the links that are being accessed and indexed by the search engine properly or not.
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