Are you utilizing AI Properly in Your PPC Campaigns

Are You Utilizing AI Properly in Your PPC Campaigns?

While Artificial Intelligence has proven to be effective in almost all kinds of industries and commercial activities, its financial impact on marketing efforts is worthwhile. AI is helping automate numerous aspects of a digital marketing campaign pushing the ROI with more impetus.

Most marketers and brands that are using AI for paid advertising have till now limited themselves to using this form of automation around bidding algorithms only. This is done using machine learning where the digital platform uses available data to iterate and indicate future trends. However, it is time to unleash the power of automation and let it replace several manual driven works that is still being handled by the PPC manager.

The truth is that almost 80% of the job that a marketer does for paid advertising can be seamlessly automated. Using Artificial Intelligence is the ideal way out to reduce human error while ensuring that all kinds of PPC-related tasks can keep happening at the backend even during odd hours when the PPC manager is resting and sleeping.

Artificial Intelligence can work in all these areas mentioned below:

  1. Bidding activities
  2. Reporting
  3. Real-time competitor analysis
  4. Evaluating historical data to identify trends
  5. Keyword expansion

These are the Various Ways that Marketers Can Utilize AI in their PPC Campaigns

  1. Use AI for gathering market information. Artificial intelligence can work effectively as a unit for market intelligence. Using various automated tools, you can smartly analyze and understand the purchasing behavior of users, understand where the traffic is being generated from, the device and the location that is getting you maximum clicks, the keywords that are generating the desired results and more. Using the right AI tools can produce enough evidence and throw light on user-related activities that can be used to get higher conversions.
  2. Automate the process of bidding using AI technology. From managing bids to discovering better keywords, optimizing budgets and clicks to adjusting bids, AI can help marketers avoid over-bidding and under-bidding for relevant keywords and their potential to get traffic. The good thing is that as a marketer, you have choice of free AI tools being provided by Google and Bing. You can also purchase such tools from third-party developers. The only thing that the brand or the marketer needs to remember is that simply having an AI tool is not going to give results – there needs to be continuous monitoring of results and using the tool smartly to produce the desired results.
  3. When a paid ad campaign is not performing up to the mark, AI can help you decide if it is worthwhile to chuck it out or keep it. Here too, use of the right automated tool can assist you with maintaining high-quality score, which is what matters in the end.
  4. Use AI to optimize your retargeting strategies. Retargeting is of essence as you reach out to potential customers who showed interest but did not buy. However, those you who have already converted and bought in the offline mode should be left out of this campaign. Using automated tools, you can devise smarter retargeting strategies through optimized CRM activities.

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