Top 10 Marketing Tools for Your Start-Up Business

Top 10 Marketing Tools for your Start-up Business

Whether you have a conventional brick-and-mortar shop or have an online business, you need to promote your business in the best possible manner to grow your customers and business thereof. When you start your business, things can be challenging as resources are constrained.

Presenting the top 10 marketing tools for your start-up business.

  1. Leadfeeder is a lead generation tool for start-up companies, especially in the B2B domain. It gives the owner detailed information about the companies that are visiting your site. Even if the commercial entity does not fill up the contact form online or does not indulge in any form of interaction with the site, the tool will still give you practical information.
  2. Optimize is a marketing tool from Google that enables site owners and webmasters to keep testing their site to ensure that everything is fine and that the site runs to its optimized level. It also is integrated with Google Analytics that helps you with crucial analytical data.
  3. Ahrefs is an SEO tool that can be used to optimize your site for search engines. The tool uses a software system to enable you to view the comprehensive network of incoming links that help you make key decisions pertaining to link management.
  4. SEMRUSH is another popular marketing tool that is used by marketers to keep a check on the performance of SEO parameters on your site. It also helps you get more information about the incoming traffic giving you insights to use keywords and generate traffic more effectively.
  5. Livestorm is a marketing tool that addresses the growing dependence on remote working and conferencing. This is a platform used for carrying out successful webinars online and can handle about 100 attendees.
  6. Olark is a live chat app for B2B businesses. Use this platform to chat in real-time with your visitors and customers and with the backend integration, the tool is able to channelize the leads captured to the right marketing tool for further follow-up.
  7. Good Email Copy is a simplified marketing tool that does what its name implies. It helps you prepare emails that are powerful, impressive, and engaging. The tool has a credible storehouse of email bodies and copies that have a proven track record.
  8. Litmus is a platform that helps resolve issues that conventional email campaigns face. The tool ensures that the emails sent as part of email marketing campaigns do not end up in the Spam folder of the target customer. You can also use this tool to design emails, format them professionally so that the emails can open with equal efficacy on all browsers and operating systems.
  9. Canva is a great tool to prepare your marketing brochures, business cards, online and offline ads, social media posts, standees, exhibition display boards, and so on. It is one of the most widely used tools today in the digital world because of its user-friendly interface and features.
  10. HubSpot is one effective marketing tool that new business entities use for converting and actioning leads generated through other resources. It promotes the automated lead generation and sales funnel management.

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