How to Benefit from Google Analytics for Your SEO Campaign?

The Google search engine works on an algorithm that uses about 200 analytics and factors for ranking sites on the search engine result page. Of the search results, 67.6% clicks happen on the first five top results. For a marketer, reaching the top five positions is the objective. It requires lots of determination and strategic work to reach there – using Google Analytics, a free tool from Google; marketers are able to extract vital data and information that helps them improve their SEO performance.

  1. Understanding the Source of Traffic – This is an important and basic analytics that helps brands and marketers in understanding the nature and the source of the incoming traffic to the site. Google Analytics interprets the traffic from four sources – Organic traffic or in other words visitors who have come from Google or another search engine; Direct visitors are visitors who arrive onto your site direct; Referrals are visitors who have come from a linked site or indirectly, and Social are visitors who have arrived onto your site from social media platforms. Google Analytics provides data in the real-time on the source of visitors so that marketers are able to understand the effectiveness of the particular SEO campaign. Knowing the source of visitors helps brands to understand how exactly visitors have found the brand.
  2. Google Analytics help understand how the chosen keywords are performing – SEO or Search Engine Optimization is based on keywords. Using Google Analytics help marketers understand the list of words that have been fetching you traffic giving you detailed insight – even the frequency of usage of specific keyword to get to the brand site. Having knowledge of which keywords work for the brand and which do not, helps the brand optimize their SEO campaigns. This data from Google Analytics also give information about new keywords that can be used by the brands for search engine optimization.
  3. Google Analytics is used for segmentation of visitors – This free tool drills down the information about incoming traffic down to gender, geographical location, whether new or repeat visitors, language-wise, and more. This kind of visitor-specific information helps the marketer get to the core and dig deep into understanding precise and concise details of visitors; which assist marketers in streamlining their SEO campaigns accordingly. For the right kind of dissected information on visitors, it is best to use Google Analytics based on which the campaign can be optimized.
  4. Detailed information about which pages and links are being clicked the most by visitors Google Analytics help brands in understanding the navigational route that visitors take on the site. The links and pages that show higher visits obviously indicate that the visitors are finding the content more engaging than the other links. This gives marketers the opportunity to improve the other pages and make them more attractive and impressive.
  5. Google Analytics provides insight about bounce rate – The tool is really useful. It helps marketers understand if visitors are leaving the brand site without any activity; and if they are then why are they doing so. It helps them optimize the content on their website accordingly.
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