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Google Ads: How to Get More Conversions and Better ROI

Google Ads: How to Get More Conversions and Better ROI

Google Ads average conversion is about 4.4% on search engines. On display ads it is about 0.57%. The average cost per conversion for Google Ads on the search network is $56.11 and on the display network, it is $90.80. With rising costs of Google Ad campaigns, you would obviously wonder if this one is good for your ROI or not.

We would say it is. You simply need to strategize for optimized campaigns where the cost-per-click is low and yet the conversion rate is encouragingly high.

  1. Ways to reduce cost-per-click
  • Ensure that your site is optimized for mobiles and delivers a superior user experience. Else, the visitor will click the ad but not wait for your site to open completely. Hence, you pay to Google without any chance to convert. Also, sites that provide inferior user experience are scored low by the crawler on AdWords. This means you will have to pay more for each click.
  • In order to ensure better user experience, you need to have a site that loads up fast on a mobile, offers smooth navigation, and is compatible with all platforms and devices.
  1. Ensure that the Quality Score of AdWords is always high.
  • Low quality scores mean that Google will make you pay higher amount per click.
  • Parameters like click-through rate, performance of your landing page, optimized use of keywords, relevance of the ad text to the user’s search are used for rating your ads. A rating of 10 is the best.
  • You need to keep improving various aspects of your site to get higher scores of your Google ads.
  1. Your landing page and your ad content need to be perfectly aligned.
  • Research points that businesses that have more than 40 landing pages are able to generate twelve times more leads than sites that have fewer than 5 landing pages.
  1. Study extensively the targeted ad groups.
  • The keywords that have lower scores in a particular ad group should be removed and moved to another group where they have better quality scores.
  • Take out a report that tells you the exact keywords or phrases that are getting you more clicks on your ads. When you do this, you might decide to add some of these words and phrases to your keywords.
  1. In order to reduce your costs, you need to strategize well to choose keywords that cost less per click.
  • If you are paying more than $6 per click, you are paying a bit too much.
  • You also need phrases and words that categorize under broad match modifier from Google to limit the matches.
  1. You need to be smart enough to filter out clicks that are unqualified and unasked for. These are not your target group of customers and you need to keep a baseline so that you do not attract such people towards your ad.
  2. Do not just focus on Adwords. You need to have a comprehensive approach towards marketing online. You need to be present on social media, have aggressive email marketing campaigns, lead generation strategies, SEO and adopt other digital marketing techniques to achieve best results.

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