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Includes Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, Onpage Development, Content Writing, Backlinks, Social Media, Video Creation, Press Release, Image Creation, Blog Management, Google My Business (GMB) Optimization, Weekly Reporting.

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Affordable SEO Service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a bridge that allows big or small businesses to attract more traffic to their website.

Being a small business owner, you may already be in the market for an affordable SEO service.

Here at Profit Labs, we provide several SEO packages which include affordable SEO services specifically for small businesses to ensure you are able to complete online and grow your business.

Our low cost SEO services ensure your website top Google search result rankings for more traffic, leads or sales. Fill out any form on our site for instant access to our SEO pricing and plans page.

Cost For SEO Services: Affordable Small Business Plans

Our seo pricing is fixed and easy to understand. We have put together custom SEO packages specifically for small business which is affordable and will meet your tight budgets.

Furthermore, just because our SEO services are affordable does not mean we skimp on quality.  Actually its the complete opposite.

Our intention is to keep your business for years to come. And the only way to do that is to make sure we show you results in the form of top Google rankings, more traffic and increased sales.

We tailor our SEO services according to your requirements to help make the overall process is convenient, straightforward and effective.

SEO Service For Small Businesses

Our SEO agency has several SEO services specifically created for small businesses.

Below is just some of the work provided with your SEO service. With each account we specific tasks according to your budget and company requirements.

Analysis and Optimization of Your Website

The first thing that we do as your SEO provider is complete a full audit of your site and analyze your current SEO strategies, if any, which includes expert keyword research.

Google ranks sites according to their topical relevance and how visitors engage with the page.

To make sure that your website is in line with Google guidelines we carry out complete website and on page optimization. This is the core of any successful SEO strategy and helps to ensure top Google ranking.

Furthermore, we understand that small business owners are faced with certain challenges, and oftentimes, may not have the budget large corporations have to implement a large scale SEO campaign.

Therefore, our SEO agency ensures that even at our affordable seo service pricing your website still gets all the technical SEO work needed to compete and thrive online.

Local SEO Services

If you want your business to be compete in in your local Google Maps or local organic rankings, our SEO team will plan a perfect SEO strategy for that.

Ranking your business up in the top of Google My Business Maps listings is a great way to attract more traffic, calls, leads and new customers.

Moreover, through effective link building strategies and SEO optimization, your business’s site will also be seen in local organic search results.

Be Seen in Mobile Search Results

Browsing the internet on mobile phones is now more popular than ever.

With easy access to smartphones and the internet, people like to keep things accessible and convenient.

However, many small businesses do not pay much attention to mobile traffic, which may result in missed opportunities.

Whether you run an enterprise or a small business, you need an SEO strategy that also accounts for mobile search result rankings.

Our small business SEO best practices include optimizing the site for mobile to make sure that all those users who prefer using smartphones rather than a desktop computer can find your website.

SEO Services: Link Building and OnPage

As part of our affordable small business SEO service we help to build links back to your website through high-authority domains. Among other factors this helps to keep your search engine rankings moving higher.

Backlinks also help further increase your website’s authority to help improve rankings. After all, search engine rankings are critical for driving more traffic to your site and the success of a digital online business strategy.

Additionally, there are On Page optimization tasks included with your affordable SEO services when coupled with authoritative backlinks help to really push your site to the top of search engines.

Here are some examples of optimization work we complete for our small business clients:

  • On Page web auditing
  • User interface redesign suggestions
  • Web analytics auditing
  • Media optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Keyword mapping
  • Header tags optimization, etc.
    and much more.

Choosing The Perfect SEO Company

Getting affordable SEO services for a small business can be pretty challenging, considering your budget restraints.

However, our SEO agency offers SEO services to small business owners to help them get started with digital marketing, with the understanding your budget plays a big role in your final decision to work with an SEO company.

We provide expert SEO solutions to help your small business rank better on search engines like Google.

Our SEO marketing strategies use a combination of content creation and optimization which will fit into your monthly marketing budget and allow your business to grow month over month.

Here are some benefits of working with Profit Labs:

Diverse SEO Portfolio

Let an expert SEO agency with a diverse portfolio carry out an effective and affordable SEO campaign to give your small business a big boost.

We have helped many niche businesses increase traffic and get more customers.

Our SEO services includes a combination of  social media, website optimization, local seo, diverse and natural backlinks and much more to help you rank higher on search engines.

Safe and Effective SEO Practices

Being a renowned SEO company, we follow only Google and search engine approved practices with our affordable SEO services.

Unlike other SEO services or freelancers, we keep the best interest of our customers in mind to provide them with only safe, stable long term SEO benefits.

Our SEO plan strictly prohibits any black hat practices which might blacklist your business site from Google and hurt your revenues.

Moreover, our SEO experts understand the importance of following all the rules and regulations and ensuring our work goes in favor of Google’s algorithms.

Affordable But Not “Cheap” SEO Service

Don’t let our affordable SEO services for small business make you think that our work is cheap.

Despite the low SEO plan prices, we only provide top-notch SEO service to all our clients to make sure you see results.

We keep the pricing low because we understand the financial stress small business owners are under and want you to have a competitive advantage in the market.

Moreover, unlike other cheap SEO services, our affordable SEO does not follow any black hat practices, is 100% completely safe and Google algo friendly to ensure we help your business grow for years to come.

Top Rated Client Satisfaction

Profit Labs ensures complete customer satisfaction by providing expert SEO support and complete 100% transparency.

We provide our clients with regular weekly updates which include ranking and work reports completed for your campaign each week.

Our expert SEO team also stays up to date with the latest Google’s algorithm changes and works to make any updates to your SEO so that your strategy adapts to the ever changing SEO landscape.

We do this all while keeping SEO pricing for small business in mind. We truly understand the importance of SEO and how it affects your business over time. 

SEO Experts Ready To Work For Your Small Business

The bottom line is if you want a Search Engine Optimization Firm that can create an winning SEO strategy to give your small business a huge boost, start by fill out any form on our site today for instant access to our SEO pricing and plans page.

We will tailor an affordable SEO plan for you which will take your small business to the next level.

With our low cost pricing coupled with outstanding cutting edge strategies and top rated support, we can help your business grow over the coming months and years.

Let us prove our SEO services are the best out there by helping you achieve your business objectives!

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