Why Choose Us?

Would it change your business if you could get 3x, 9x or 18x more leads or sales?

For most businesses the answer is a big fat YES! But seeing that kind of growth sure seems harder than they make it sound on sales calls.

So what gives?

Online marketing is hard… between rising pay per click costs, search engine page crowding and social media banner blindness, the cost of doing business online is only getting more expensive.

If this isn’t bad enough, you now have big brands partnering with search engine companies making your chances of being successful tougher than ever.

Pay per click seems like the perfect solution for short term immediate boost of new customers.  Problem is your competitors are bidding up a storm to put there ads on top of yours.

And that is severely cutting into your profit margins. In fact, you may even be losing money if you don’t know what you are doing…. or worse your existing marketing manager might have no clue how to fix this!

Search Engine Optimization in theory seems great…. no ppc costs and free traffic? But you forgot one thing… your competition has been doing SEO alot longer than you have and by now is deeply entrenched in search result pages for hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of keywords.

Plus they are probably paying developers an arm and a leg to continuously optimize there site for SEO to keep their listing on top of the pile.

And Google is not making things any easier with new artificial intelligence updates and algorithm changes coming out almost monthly now.

Lets not forget about Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and social media advertising. These are amazing new opportunities that your competitors have no clue how to properly integrate into there marketing strategy.

Problem is neither do you. And the longer you wait to figure out how to make social media work for your business, people are slowly becoming numb and blind to all the advertisements they are seeing on what’s supposed to be a “social” network.

Your business is on shaky ground unless you figure out how to “consistently” make your online marketing campaigns profitable.

If that resonates with you at all… then you will be happy to hear that we are able to produce profitable returns for our clients month over month stretching across several years.

As a matter of fact, our average client over the last year produced a 12x ROI.

That means $10k in marketing produced $120k revenue.

Actually some e-commerce clients made over 20x ROI in some months while certain service-based clients made over 50x-100x in some instances.

Our strategy has nothing to do with outspending your competition or using any notorious or devious trickery.

This is also not a hack or overnight tactic which happened to work for someone years ago.

Our campaigns have consistently produced great returns because we are meticulous planners and clever tacticians when it comes to figuring out what works.

We use a combination of AI software technology, rule based automation, savvy messaging, custom audience building, retargeting strategies, micro tracking techniques and high converting properties to ensure we get the results we are looking for.

Look, I can chew your ear off all day with technical jargon and case studies but i’m not going to BS you.

You do need a product or service that people buy.  You do need a product or service that people are actually searching for. And yes you do indeed need to be priced accordingly otherwise your competitors will swallow you whole.

And most importantly, if your product or service has a notoriously bad online reputation, then sorry, there is nothing we can do for you.

Otherwise, If you have the right boxes ticked, then there is a good chance we can maybe do business together.

By the way, if all the marketing strategies i described above are working and profitable for you – GREAT! Our service will not diminish or take away from that in any way – it will actually make your campaigns more efficient and organized allowing you to scale quicker. So that’s a big win if you are in that position.

For a short period of time I am going to open up our exclusive online marketing agency (Profit Labs™) to a small handpicked group of clients and help them setup and launch customized high ROI campaigns for there business.

This is the first time in a few years we have went online and actually advertised our services. For the last 3 years we have been growing our business strictly from client referrals. 

(That’s what happens when you provide a great service that makes your clients a crap load of money.)

With growing demand for real marketing experts and a recent influx of excess revenue i felt now is the right time to expand my team and start taking on more new clients.

But resources are still limited. Good help is hard to find if you know what i mean.

So i’m not going to make you sit through some 3 hour sales call or make you watch a long and boring webinar.

If you DO want see if we are willing to launch profitable high ROI online campaigns for your business then it is very simple, at the end of this ad there is a link to a web form.

Fill out the form. Tell me about you and your business. And if i think we’re a good fit we will get on the phone to talk about the best strategy for your company.

I am leaving the form open ended on purpose so that i don’t ask you stuff that you don’t want to tell me about.

Last thing, once you fill out the form you will be redirected to a page to schedule a strategy call.  Make sure you set aside about 30 minutes to get on a call to discuss your options.

I’ll also give you give you access to case studies with some proof of results we have provided for clients and other information i would want to know about our company if i was in your shoes. 

If all this makes sense to you… then just fill in the form, tell me about your business and let’s talk.

Here is the form:


Talk Soon.

Ron Tsantker
CEO, Chief Marketing Strategist

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