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Th internet has evolved drastically over the last few years, but SEO still remains a powerful and relevant business marketing tool.

Your potential customers depend on search engines to help them discover products and services every day. In fact your target customers are probably looking for goods or services just like yours on search engines such as Google right this very second.

SEO lets business owners get there websites featured high in search engine result listings, allowing you to attract more interested potential buyers to your business.
Any business owner can use SEO (or get help from New York SEO companies such as Profit Labs) to create a powerful online presence and circumvent your competitors to attract new customers for your business.

Now that you have a clear understanding of how SEO can help your business, the next obvious question is the price point of these SEO services its benefits.

That’s why in this page, we’ll clarify precisely why SEO is so essential, and why you should leave it to a professional SEO company like Profit Labs to handle it.

We will also review numerous commonly asked questions via our SEO FAQ sections which will help you better understand the world of Seo and what an SEO company like ours can do for your business.

What Is SEO?

You’ve probably already heard a few times that SEO is a crucial modern marketing strategy for any online business.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” It is a method to enhance the efficiency and magnitude of website visits, and also attention to the product, service or brand, via organic (non paid) search engine results.

SEO is comprised of a variety of different components, and learning their function is crucial to learning why SEO is so essential.

In brief, SEO is crucial as it makes your website easily found and accessible, which means more visitors and more chances to turn leads into consumers.

Furthermore, it also is a powerful method for brand recognition, establishing connections with prospects, and placing yourself as a credible and trusted authority in your profession.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) applies to paid marketing campaigns that cover such items as local advertisements, Display Ads Google Ads, pay-per-click, social media advertising, Google Shopping Ads, and much more.

While SEM is not typically a vital component of the holistic SEO approach, it has its position as it can enable you to attract new and highly focused audiences.


Keywords are words that potential consumers use to search web content, and which can then be used by advertisers to communicate with customers searching for their services and goods.

However, keyword research must be specifically chosen and used wisely in order your content to show up properly in search results.

During keyword research, it is best to watch for and select terms with reasonable search volume and lower competitiveness until you build enough authority to compete for higher search volume terms.


Content marketing/ content creation is another critical aspect of SEO services since it is a method that search engine companies employ to attract and reach specific audiences.

Content can be created in several ways, such as:

• Blogs
• Web page content
• Videos
• Podcasts
• Infographics
• Social media posts
• Local Listings

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is simply the act of getting external websites to link back to your web page. There are many ways to create a backlink. Many of which can be harmful to your site.

When engaging in offpage activities, it would be best to use a professional SEO company to avoid running into any issues with Google later on.

Link Building

Link building is a very important part of your SEO. Although more links does not always mean more traffic. These days quality is always better than quantity. And building links approrpriatly can save you from search engine penalties down the line.

It would be best to leave link building to the SEO professionals who will do take care of your link building strategy for the best SEO price.

Profit labs is an SEO company which provides you with affordable SEO pricing packages which can help grow your business.

What Is SEO In Marketing?

SEO is a vital component of online marketing since users perform billions of searches each year, with a common goal of seeking knowledge about goods,  services and other topics.

Greater exposure and better rankings in Google search will have a direct impact on revenue.

Search engine optimizers study how search engines operate, analyze programmed algorithms that govern search results, research what people are searching for, and review data such as keywords or words entered in search engines that would benefit your business.

SEO’s also concentrate on accomplishing off website tasks to help send signals to search engines which allow them to understand what your page is about and why it is relevant to a specific search.

Is SEO Worth The Money?

SEO services boost website traffic by showing your site in search results for extremely relevant searches.

Approximately 93% of digital engagements start with a search engine. SEO pricing provides a far greater return on investment than conventional advertising.

However, SEO is not a stagnant commodity; neither is it a mystical solution to so many of your business issues.

SEO is more of a practice; a rapidly changing activity that involves proficient SEO experts and complex tools to identify trends, developments, and possible hazards.

Google is only getting sharper and more advanced each moment. Spammy SEO activities which have once dominated years ago no longer work.

For instance, the following SEO tricks and shortcuts no longer have any effect:

• Copying contents from some other source
• Keyword stuffing
• Inconsistent content
• Clickbait articles

Spammy practices such as this can get you sandboxed or penalized by Google.

In our opinion, Seo is definitely worth the money assuming you partner with a competent Seo agency.

Look for an Seo company such as Profit Labs who has affordable, proven and tested packages with SEO pricing models and price points suitable for most businesses.

Ultimately you are looking for an SEO cost within your price range and and a package that promises better ROI.

What Is Your Cost Of Search Engine Optimization?

How much does SEO cost you?

While we can;t speak for other SEO companies, we can give you an idea of our SEO pricing structure.

Depending on the size of your website and how many keywords you are looking to target, A well balanced full service SEO package will usually have an SEO pricing range around $395 per month to over $2400 per month based on the complexity and resources required for your SEO services.

To get more detailed SEO pricing fill out any form on our site to gain access to our SEO pricing and plans page.

There are other agencies and freelancers out there which charge SEO hourly rates within the price range of $50-250 per hour. Although we at Profit Labs prefer to work with a fixed pricing model so that there are no surprises each month.

Clients want to feel confident knowing exactly how much they are paying each month without guessing what the monthly fee will be each month.

At Profit labs, our organized SEO projects are arranged to better coordinate between team members and clients while consistently revamping our workflows to meet the demands of the ever changing SEO landscape.

Our SEO pricing plans are tailored with a fixed price to ensure that we focus on what will produce maximum ROI.

What Is The Average Pricing For Other SEO Companies?

What is the cost of SEO?
How much does SEO cost?
What are typical SEO pricing models?
What does an SEO charge?

These are questions we get all the time. While SEO is commonly used as a web marketing technique, it is also utilized to raise brand recognition, drive sales, and improve your business’s success in not only Google but other search engines such as Bing, Opera, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and many other search engines.

While the advantages of a successful SEO project are apparent, the expense or pricing of purchasing these SEO services can differ significantly depending on the business’s goal and the form of the approach being applied.

Therefore the expenditure or the cost related to SEO engagement should be seen as an investment for your Company, and like any other investment opportunity, creating successful ROI is always your target.

The following are the most common SEO pricing models and the average SEO pricing you will encounter when researching various SEO agencies:

Project-based SEO

If you don’t like ongoing costs and managing records of hours and tracking updates is just too much of a hassle, the SEO project-based model may be your guardian angel.

The project-based model includes a simple start and finish set of events which are pre-determined before the start of the project. A project-based model is more prevalent since the pricing does not change and remains constant month after month.

This is the SEO pricing Profit Labs uses for all clients.

The SEO projects pricing model is best for organizations are looking to completely outsource SEO to professionals without too much micro management.

The cost of SEO projects requires an evaluation of the project. Although you can expect to pay between $395 — $2400 depending on your company requirements.

Hourly rate

Suppose you have a clear understanding of your SEO goals and need ongoing assistance with the execution of your strategic plan. Another one of the better SEO pricing models for you will be to look at getting an hourly rate SEO agency or freelancer to allocate hourly work too.

Although beware of the misconception that hourly SEO is cheaper than fixed rate projects.  There is no way for you to know exactly how much time was spent on your project.  Providers can very well overcharge for hours which unfortunately is a common practice for those charging hourly.

To avoid being overcharged be clear with your tasks and how many hours you are expecting to be used for each particular task. Let providers know you are aware of how much time it takes to complete tasks and that you will be following up on all logged time submissions.

The average SEO agency would have SEO prices about $75 – $150+ as an hourly rate.

Monthly Retainers

The monthly SEO retainer pricing model is based on structure similar to how you work with lawyers. 

This is where you give the SEO company a budget each month to work with. They take money from that monthly retainer to accomplish various SEO tasks each month.

While this is not necessarily the most common SEO pricing structure, it may be suitable for some companies. 

Monthly SEO retainers are also customized to consumer needs. Expect to pay between $5,000 – $10,000+ per month.

How Much Do SEO Agencies Charge?

SEO services varies significantly based upon the type of SEO agency you’re partnering with.

In 2020, SEO projects ranged from $1000 – $20,000+ a month depending on the scale of the project or plan.

That being said, an SEO company charging $20k a month does not necessarily mean they provide better services than the lesser priced options.

In fact from our experience, the SEO companies that charge these high prices usually do so to compensate for expensive rents and high salaries. Not necessarily better quality SEO.

Your ROI should determine the price you are willing to pay for SEO services. Some overpriced SEO agencies can actually end up damaging your company, in terms of economics if your profits suffer because of the high monthly SEO cost.

Let’s look more closely at how SEO companies charge various business organizations:

Small Business SEO: Usually these should be more budget friendly plans structured to accommodate companies who need to grow there business without spending too much on SEO marketing services.

Enterprise SEO Services: This type of SEO is meant for extremely aggressive SEO strategies where providers may charge around $2500 – $10,000+/month. There are some SEO cpmpanies that charge above $75,000/month for certain SEO services for large corporations.

While Profit Labs provides Enterprise SEO level packages, we do not include the large price tag associated with this type of SEO.

For these type of large enterprise clients, agencies usually have a seperate department dedicated solely to servicing this one client.

eCommerce SEO: eCommerce companies are usually the ones who may benefit the most from SEO. The main explanation for this is that sales can be specifically traced to SEO investment.

Typically, SEO experts, on average, charge around $150-$300 an hour. However, monthly based pricing of eCommerce companies pay around $2,000 – $10,000+ a month.

Profit Labs has more affordable ecommerce SEO pricing. If you are looking for affordable and reliable SEO plans you can fill out any form on our site to gain instant access to our SEO pricing page.

Why Is SEO So Expensive?

There are several reasons why SEO companies are expensive. 

Let’s have a look at some factors which may affect SEO pricing:

SEO consumes time

An effective SEO expert doesn’t produce outcomes in a week or two. The normal time span for a successful SEO could be anywhere between 6-10 months with an emphasis on the appropriate tasks to get the best results possible.

Therefore there is indeed a lot of preparation and man hours that goes into a typical SEO campaign. Just some of the monthly tasks may include analytics analysis, competitor analysis, keyword research, on page activities, off page activities, social media signals, content creation and more.

SEO conducts research

Research is among the most critical facets of any successful SEO campaign. A strong SEO team spends time researching and analyzing the SEO performance of its clients competitors.

SEO research may also include discovering growing markets wherein there is an increasing demand by your consumer.

SEO requires experience

SEO is a profession which requires experience. There are many ways to get it wrong and just a few ways to get it right.

You can rest assured knowing that the Profit Labs SEO team is comprised of season SEO experts who utilize only the best SEO tactics, which will always support the client’s website in Google, irrespective of algorithm changes.

How Much Does SEO Training Cost?

For those willing to spend time and learn how to do SEO for themselves, one of the very first things people ask is how much does SEO training cost?

To better understand the SEO pricing structure for training courses, you’ll first need to know what types of SEO training are usually offered.

The most common types of SEO training programs offered are:

• Basic SEO training (this usually consists of the bare minimum needed to see some SEO results.)

• Specific Niche SEO training (such as local SEO, or guest posts, on page)

• Comprehensive/complete training (Full A to Z training from start to finish)

However, the costs of SEO training can vary depending on the skill level of the trainer:

Some introductory classes charge around $300 to $1, 000 fixed payment. Usually, these courses address fundamentals.

Complete SEO training programs will range from $3, 000 month to $8,500.

There can be more Seo training courses that are more costly, but usually fall into a university-affiliated marketing model.

How Much Does An SEO Audit Cost?

An SEO audit is a method of assessing how close your website corresponds to Google (or other search engine) best practices. It also involves developing an action optimization strategy which may provide a meaningful outcome.

The goal of the audit are to find and fix as many underlying problems concerning the efficiency of your website which will help to bolster your search engine standing.

SEO audits (if not part of an SEO plan) may vary between $300 to $1000. Although some SEO companies may offer an audit for free as a way to introduce themselves to your company.
Here is an idea of typical SEO pricing for audits:

$300: For a small website (of 100 pages).

$500: For sites containing 100 pages and other small problems.

$700-$1000: for sites including 100 pages and other significant problems such as hacking, etc.

$1000–$1500: for medium-sized websites that are modified at a continuous frequency.

$1500-$3000: For medium-sized websites but with some significant issues.

$3000–5000: Massive websites with decent traffic, revised regularly but going nowhere owing to any unexplained causes despite all attempts. In this case, audits are very useful in identifying and coping with the root of the issue.

$5000-$10,000: massive blogs, forums, eCommerce sites, groups that are fed several hours a day with information, have a very high amount of traffic.

How Much Does SEO Consulting Cost?

Consultancy rates vary from $50 per hour to $250 an hour based on the SEO consultancy firm you employ. However, an SEO consultant can potentially fully charge up to $4,000 to $5, 000 a month for only an introductory consultation.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve learned the basics of SEO pricing, your knowledge of Seo costs will allow you to make smarter choices and select the right SEO package when you decide to work with a reliable Seo agency such as Profit Labs.

If you want to rank high on search engine result pages and are actively looking for an established SEO company to help your business attract more customers online…
As one of the leading SEO companies, Profit Labs can help you achieve these goals.
We offer outstanding SEO services and the best very SEO packages at affordable prices as per client needs.
For SEO pricing simply fill out any form on the site for instant access to our SEO plans and pricing page.

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