Google Adwords PPC Management

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With a well executed Google Adwords PPC Campaign You will:

  • Target only the people most interested in your service or product.
  • Have more control over your online messaging.
  • Have the ability to test your advertising to specific groups.
  • Track your responses and make changes on the fly.
  • Gain an Advantage Over Your Competition.


Other PPC agencies are simply overpriced and not effective.  Profit Labs on the other hand is focused solely on improving your ROI and making sure your PPC campaigns return a healthy profit.

★ Fully Managed PPC Service
★ Personal PPC Manager
★ Individual Custom Strategies
★ Highly Targeted Traffic
★ A/B and Multi-Variate Testing
★ Monthly Campaign Audits
★ 24/7 Access to Adwords Dashboard
★ Customizable PPC Cost & Performance Reports


PPC Management Tasks Include:

  • New Custom Landing Pages: Create new landing pages based on trends, season, promotions, buyer persona etc.
  • A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing: Track and analyse the performance of pages and implement the right pages.
  • Ad-Copy Refinement (CTR): Testing different versions of ad copies to choose the right creative that converts the most.
  • Keyword Refinement: Track & identify top performing keywords, worst performing keywords and add negative keywords based on the research. Fine tune the exact match, phrase match and broad match criteria for maximum conversions.
  • Quality Score Improvements: Optimize ad creative, keywords, landing pages to improve quality score, ad placement and reduce CPC rates
  • Bid Refinement: Identify the best performing keywords and adjust max/min bid to ensure top ad placements.
  • Location & Demographics: Reach the right people at right places. Analyse the performance of ads across different locations and demographics. Increase and decrease ad spending based on the findings.
  • Network & Devices: Analyse the performance of ads across different Networks such as Search, Display, Video etc. and devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Laptop, Desktop etc. Set priorities in ad spending based on the performance.
  • Ad-Scheduling: Run and Pause ads at specific day/time based on performance


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