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Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Our internet marketing company can get your website ranked on page 1 of search result pages. An SEO analyst will first review your location and business type and then an agency team lead will put together a winning SEO plan. Getting your website Top SEO rankings can lead to a flood of new buyer-intent website traffic leading to more leads or sales. Are you readt to let a digital producer show you fantastic results?

Search Engine Marketing Services

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

With pay per click marketing you control how much you pay for each click to your website by placing ads in places such as Google, Bing, Amazon, Facebook and others. Our digital marketing company will help you craft a marketing strategy that will boost your lead generation or ecommerce store sales. Our clients have seen incredible returns using our digital marketing services.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Services

Hire a professional marketing company to promote your business online.

Top rated certified internet marketing company with over 16 years of experience managing digital campaigns for clients, Profit Labs™ has a deep understanding online strategies which can produce a high Return on Investment (ROI).

For Small or Large Budgets

Your budget is an investment that should be doubled, tripled or quadrupled each and every single month.

Cutting Edge Online Optimization

Our digital marketing company implements the latest cutting edge technologies and testing services to make sure your digital campaigns succeed.

Dedicated Support Team

Your digital account manager is an actual web analyst who is available by phone, email or chat to discuss your digital marketing campaign performance and come up with new strategies to improve and scale your account.

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Start Increasing Your Website Leads and Calls.

Our digital marketing company is perfect for any business requiring more leads or calls.

We will implement specific internet marketing strategies to attract more customers to your business.

Attract More Ecommerce Traffic & Buyers.

Our digital marketing company is perfect for any business requiring more buyer-intent online traffic for ecommerce based products or services.

A digital producer who will customize a winning online website marketing game plan for your business.

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Digital Marketing Case Studies

The following case studies showcase how our web marketing and SEO campaigns have increased revenue, leads, traffic and search rankings for our clients. Our digital marketing company offers web marketing services designed for the highest likelihood for success. Our company has the marketing experience necessary to produce web campaigns that provide results.

google ads

Our digital marketing company Increased our Clients ROI to 15x their monthly spend.

With Google Ads we helped them generate over $100k in revenue in just 1 month!

Our marketing company created a Google Ads campaign where our client spent $6,532.33 and got back an incredible $100,716.67 in revenue.

A marketing company who can produce a 15x ROI on your digital marketing campaign is someone you should be dealing with.

Using an proven internet marketing company like ours can get you results just like this.

Our SEO services got our client multiple page 1 Google rankings for keywords with search volumes between 49k - 165k monthly searches!

If you are looking for the best digital marketing company for SEO, we have years of hands-on real word experience ranking our clients for high competition keywords.

As a producer of top SEO rankings, our web marketing seo services can get your business to the top of search restul pages.


With Facebook web marketing campaigns our company got one client over 400+ inbound leads in just 1 day!

Our internet marketing firm created cutting edge pay per click campaigns to get our clients more leads via social media channels.

The web leads they received from our internet marketing Facebook campaigns also closed at over a 12% conversion rate (that means this many people paid money and became their customers) in just ONE DAY!

Furthermore, they would have had to pay between $50 – $85+ per lead using any other web marketing channel including Google Ads or third party lead providers.

Other digital marketing companies promise the world, we actually deliver.

In a span of just 30 days this web marketing campaign generated over $873,892.04 in Sales with Amazon Sponsored Ads...

Our web marketing experience also includes shopping channels such as Amazon

Our amazon internet marketing campaigns have generated 11,024 orders for one client with a 20x ROI.

Other digital marketing agencies have tried to produce these kinds of results. Only our company was able to provide the results our clients were looking for.

That means they made 20 times there money back… And this wasn’t even their best performing month!
Our digital marketing agency got one company local page 1 web rankings for multiple target keywords.

This company now gets SEO leads on a "daily" basis because of our organic local SEO web marketing campaign!

They have tried other web marketing companies but only ours was able to get them the results they were looking for.

Our digital company created a Linkedin B2B outreach campaign which got this client over 2100+ connections and new clients.
We manually reached out to thousands of high level decision makers across the country in their industry.

This client contacted our company to help them setup a Linkedin campaign that would target specific decision makers within their industry.

This campaign not only produced 2100+ new targeted connections, this also resulted in double digit follow-ups (calls & face to face meetings) from top level decision makers.

Furthermore because of our company they were able to close huge deals from companies like Goodyear and more!


What Our Online Marketing Clients Are Saying:

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Search Engine Optimization

Profit Labs is Proud to Be a Top SEO Company in New York! 

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