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Work with 14 Year Marketing Professionals Who Can Help You Generate More Leads, Get More Sales, Grow Your Email List and Brand Your Business.

“Are you running expensive pay-per-click campaigns or not sure if PPC is right for you?
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Ron Tsantker - Profit Labs™, Owner/ Founder

Elite Online Marketing

Our team will build and deploy high converting and profit focused online strategies that will generate incredible amounts of leads and sales for your business.

Expert PPC Resources

From custom ppc software to adwords scripts, we discover and create tools our clients can use to instantly boost online profits.

On-Demand Reporting

Better marketing means knowing your numbers. We keep our clients informed with real-time access to detailed performance reports helping you make better business decisions.

Proven PPC Marketing Professionals

Owner and Found of Profit Labs™, Ron Tsantker, is a 14 year online marketing professional who has generated millions in dollars of sales over the years for himself and clients. Along with consulting, he has also implemented effective ppc marketing strategies used by himself as well as clients within multiple industries. Through the years he has discovered, created and deployed elite online marketing strategies that have exponentially increased leads, sales and conversions for his clients.

Profit Labs™ is a Google Certified Partner, Bing Ads Accredited Certified, W3School CSS Certified with years of real-world and proven experience. Speak to an account strategist today to discuss a ppc strategy that can revolutionize the way you do business online.

Generate High Converting PPC Traffic

The people taking advantage of our pay per click agency services are a mix of companies with either existing ppc accounts and others starting from scratch. Whatever the case is, our team is a great fit for companies with budgets between $1000 to $100,000 or more per month looking to increase ppc conversions.

When first getting started a professional pay per click account strategist will walk you through, A to Z, how to set up effective ppc campaigns to generate tons of targeted and qualified traffic to your customized landing page.  We show you a variety low cost paid strategies to drive high converting traffic in order to explode your online profits.

Next Level Profit Focused PPC Strategies

If you haven't already noticed, your options for generating  targeted traffic online have grown tremendously.  Google and other search companies have consistently rolled out new features making it easier for you to grow your ppc profits.

There are thousands of keyword opportunities with thousands or even millions of targeted users looking for what you are offering. Properly structing your pay per click campaign can help increase conversions and your overall bottom line. Let us show you the most effective ppc strategies which you can start implementing right now to seriously increase your revenue and finally have that successful ppc campaign you have been wanting.